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sections of pontoons are lined up end to end and are held together with 2"x3"x2" anodized aluminum z-bar Pontoon Connectors that bolt to the stainless steel inserts in the tops of the pontoons. You can purchase individual plastic pontoon sections or rows and you can purchase the pontoons with or without the aluminum z-bar connectors.

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Avalon Pontoons has been manufacturing luxury, high-performance pontoon boats right here in the USA for more than 40 years. All of our boats come with a lifetime structural warranty alongside our comprehensive 5-year warranty. Choose a model to view more details or select “Configure & Price” to build the perfect boat just for you.

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Let me go on further, the plastic toons have holes in the sides of them. Aluminum "L" section(as recommended by the manufacturer Wilson) is mounted to the plastic so that the aluminum crossmembers have a surface to bolt to. On hot days, the mounting bolts will be at the inner sides of the slightly oval mounting holes.

Building Pontoon House Boats with Plastic Pontoons?

Plastic or a high impact modular float system, makes for easy and simple maintenance, no corrosion, lightweight, easily built, and easily repaired or replaced. You can have a look at a few articles on our site about plastic pontoons. Modular plastic high impact Houseboat Pontoonz Trailerable Pontoon House Boats with plastic Pontoons.

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Small Pontoon Boats assembled or as kits. Plastic pontoons, anodized aluminum, and marine polymer decking make these Little Pontoon Boats the best.If you are thinking about buying a Rettey Pontoon Boat Kit and you do not want to drive in to pick it up... then we can probably figure out a way to get it to you.

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Rettey offers this pontoon and others as a kit. The Rettey pontoons are also available fully assembled with trailer and motor options. See their web site at Rettey for additional information. Here are a few images from beginning to end. I received the kit in July 2010. This is the covered shipping pallet as removed from the truck. Note damage.

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Wilson pontoons are perfect for salt water because they won’t rust or corrode. They’re excellent replacements for old steel or aluminum pontoons. Wilson pontoons are used in pontoon boats, houseboats, barges, bridges, work boats, party boats, pumping stations.

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wilson distribution pontoons are constructed out of medium density polyethylene (mdpe). wilson pontoons are perfect for salt water because they won? rust or corrode. they?e excellent replacements for old steel or aluminum pontoons. wilson pontoons are used in pontoon boats, houseboats, barges, bridges, work boats, party boats, pumping stations they?e perfect for any application that uses pontoons.

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This is Unique – DIY Kits of Houseboats and Pontoon boats. The great advantage of our boat kits is that you can buy all boat components from us, starting from the pure individual floats to a complete pontoon boat / houseboat– if you wish.

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Boat part number 1077154 is a new set of 25 FT x 27" pontoon log float tubes, with lifting strakes. We're your port for thousands of hard to find boat parts, original manufacturer's parts and marine s...

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Wilson Plastic Pontoons? by: Jim from Tampa ... 30, and 36". I will be calling them in the morning when they open for prices. Rating: Adding Pontoon Logs to Houseboats by: Anonymous Google "Pontoon Logs", as we had to add a 3rd pontoon to the front of our boat since we overbuilt for the existing pontoons. We found a great place in Missouri and ...

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Pontoon boats typically have two long pontoon tubes running parallel along each side of the boat. It is common to find these tubes sold in pairs, ready to be attached to a boat, but you can also purchase a single pontoon float tube if one of yours has become damaged.

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Wilson Pontoons, Inc. is a designer, producer, and distributor of polyethylene pontoons used in a variety of marine applications. Wilson pontoons are ideal for salt water because they won’t rust or corrode.

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Super Pontoon. Our largest pontoon provides stability for super size installations. The specially designed flange system makes it easy to attach to any lumber, steel or aluminum frames or dock structure.

18' long 26" diameter modular plastic boat & dock pontoons ...

This listing is for abrand new pair of black USA made modular plastic pontoons.

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Pontoon boats are designed to require very little maintenance, can be cared for with regular household cleaners and washed with a garden hose or at the carwash. This pontoon assembly process can also be used to construct floating swim rafts, too. Klick here for the best prices on New and reconditioned tools!

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